Independent Author of Romantic Suspense
Beth Ann Luna

Newest Release

I'm so excited to announce the release of my second novel, Angel of RAGE. This vigilante tale involving a little romance and a lot of suspense has been two years in the making, but it's been so worth the wait! Angel of RAGE  is available in paperback and e-book through and Barnes & Noble.

The Latest in the Life

2015 is flying by (as years always seem to do) and I'm hard at work on the sequel to Angel of RAGE. Yes! That's right! A sequel! I can't wait to get Eve of RAGE released and into your hands! In the meantime, I'll leave you with a snippet of what is to come:

"I know who you are," Renny said to me uneasily, his hand inching toward the gun hidden under his leather jacket.
"Been a couple years since you've had to use that," I mentioned, pulling my sweater behind my holster so he could see that we were evenly matched. "You've been drinking too, and I doubt your rusty aim coupled with all that alcohol will hold up against my sobriety and weekly target practice." I pouted. "And why would you want to shoot me, anyway? I kinda thought we hit it off back there in the bar."
"Because you're one of them," he growled, his hatred of me distinct, his fingers still holding their position within striking distance.
I had to see if the ex cop still had it in him. I had to know if he could kill again. "You're right," I taunted with a slow nod and a sharp smile. "I belong to the organization that took everything from you."
Without hesitating, Renny pulled his gun.
And the trigger.