Independent Author of Romantic Suspense
Beth Ann Luna
About Beth
If you’re reading this, then you know something about me already. You know that I love to write stories. I love the way a simple idea can bud and bloom into an adventure—bowed, bent, and twisted all to my design. I love that space of make-believe, where I have the exclusive ability to conjure a torrent from a teardrop, create a champion from a coward or cultivate a desire from disdain. The alchemy of fiction is enchanting and powerful, and I’m blissfully compelled to return to that space every day.

I have to come clean about something, though. I do. The truth is I didn't always enjoy writing. As a matter of record, I hated anything to do with sentence structure, with grammar, with literature—believe me when I say that I could keep adding to this list. I believed it a waste of time. While in school, I shamefully held barely-eking-by grades in all my English classes. This lack of respect for English composition continued through most of my life.
In 2005, I began a new relationship with writing; its beginning forged, ironically enough, through my twelve-hour-long graveyard shift at 911 Dispatch. Somewhere amid those midnight hours, an idea blossomed inside my head, fed both by the stack of tattoo magazines one co-worker had brought in and the details of another co-worker’s tragic history; the murder of a mother by a serial killer. It was those three things: moonlight, a tattoo, and a serial killer, which brought forth Ink: A Novel and changed me.

Today, I’m in love with words, with prose, with grammar—again, I could keep the list going. At present, the only hate I carry is that I discovered this love later in my life rather than in the beginning of it. But I don’t have to time dwell on what might have been. I look to tomorrow. I've got more stories to write and I’m not stopping now.

My genuine world is filled with my best friend; who conveniently happens to be my husband, my two babies; who inconveniently happen to be teenagers, and my Sheltie; who amusingly happens to be the most neurotic dog I have ever encountered. Consequently, they are my music, my reason, my energy—they are why I do what I do. We Luna’s make North Georgia our home, where our lives are country, crazy, and chaotic, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks to my family (Love you, Grandma), friends, and readers. You gave me the support and encouragement to achieve my dream. May all your dreams be moon made, too!