Independent Author of Romantic Suspense
Beth Ann Luna

Angel of RAGE                                                      Ink: A Novel

When justice fails, RAGE begins.
Angel is not an ordinary teacher. She’s a Watcher—a skilled tutor of reckoning—employed by Retaliation Against Guilty Exonerated, a clandestine order with saintly intentions for the wronged—and deadly repercussions for the wrongly acquitted. Angel thrives perilously within RAGE, where the legal and ethical lines separating right and wrong and innocence and guilt are erased—where the laws that govern the justice system are the enemies.      
Upon RAGE’s commission, Angel recruits Eve, a shattered victim of the flawed system, but as her education in taking revenge begins, so does Angel’s trouble—in the form of Seattle PD’s Renny Shepherd. When questioning Angel in connection with a murder in Savannah, the handsome but shrewd detective suspects she is not the innocent survivor she seems. Her mysterious allure drives Shepherd’s investigation down the dark path of Angel’s past, where exhuming the bones of violence, tragedy, and secrets could destroy his future, the order, and Angel’s very soul . . .

*****  "Outstanding read; I could NOT
              put it down."

                                   ~Shaun Steele

                                             ***** "Loved it and highly recommend                                                                                                 this mystery with a little romance to all!"

*****  "I highly recommend this to anyone
                 that loves a book that wont let them put it down."


Beauty is skin deep. A tattoo travels all the way to the soul . . .
That’s Eddy Gruber’s motto. Bound by the miseries of inner-city life and his mother’s unrelenting cruelty, a troubled boy finds refuge inside a most peculiar place—the neighborhood tattoo parlor.  There, he meets Hatch, the parlor’s lecherous tattoo artist, and a dangerous kinship forms.  Through Hatch’s twisted guidance, he learns the craft and cultivates his hunger for beauty, power, and perfection. Then Eddy’s brilliant young mind sets a diabolical plan in motion, securing his deadly calling for the future.
Baltimore Homicide’s Alex Ryder and Jimmy Hansen are opposites, as ice is to fire. Alex, the stern but witty senior detective and the dry but detailed Jimmy are the top cops in the biz. When a Jane Doe is found dead in the heart of the warehouse district, her entire body camouflaged in fresh ink, the detectives are plunged into the toughest serial murder case of their careers and the ultimate test of their partnership.
Blind to the tattoo subculture, the detectives seek the advice of an expert and enlist local artist, Kat Barton, to help. Alex can’t deny the inexplicable connection that exists between them and his attraction to her is immediate. But with little evidence pointing to the suspect and the body count rising, the trio is forced to tread a perilous riptide of lies and deception, where Alex and Kat’s desire for each other could pull them all under permanently.

***** "The story wrapped its fingers
                around me and I was hooked!"

                                               ***** "Keeps you on the edge 
                                                                              from the beginning to the end."
                                                                                                            ~C. Christian

***** "Beth Luna's use of language 
                is rich, vivid prose."